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New one-day consulting service now available!

LJCS is proud to introduce a new service. Starting July 1, 2019, we now offer a streamlined 1-day in-store visit during which our trained consultant will put in place the major display changes needed to give your store a makeover. During the 9 hours our consultant is in your store, your store will benefit from the years of experience we offer.

Darci Aselage, Kim Minter and Dominique Sotillo recently completed extensive training sessions with Larry Johnson in order to provide this new service to our clients.

For more information on exactly what is offered in this new service, visit the “Our services” page on this website or call Larry Johnson at 817-980-2135 for information.

What is Larry Johnson Consulting?

We are a different kind of consulting company.

Our only goal is to help you accomplish your sales objectives through better visual merchandising. We have been helping small and large retailers (and manufacturers) sell more of the items they want to sell for 30 years. We literally wrote the book on jewelry display. (Check out “The complete guide to effective jewelry display” by Larry Johnson at www.Amazon.com)

We are unique for what we do not do. We do not sell displays for any other firm. We do not manufacture displays. We work for our clients. We do make your existing display presentation more effective. We do go case-by-case to make your store merchandising more effective. If you do need any new displays, we will help you decide what will work best for you and identify where you can get them. We know the market and which display and packaging manufacturers make what. We know what displays work and which ones do not. We will suggest the best vendor for your specific display objectives. We can work with you and the vendor to be sure you get the right displays. We can serve as sort of a General Contractor for you. In most cases… we can likely help get you a discounted price that will save you money and partially even offset our fee.

We offer our services to independent jewelry retailers and jewelry manufacturers to help them create display strategies that sell more merchandise…at better margins. The various ways we can accomplish this are explained in detail in the “Our Services” tab on this site. Please read through this section for further information. An overview of our approximate fees is outlined in the “Fees” section.

The “Idea Gallery” portion of this site contains many images of ideas that you might find interesting. Contact usĀ  for sourcing info on what you see.

The “Reference Library” portion of the site contains articles and other information that can help you help yourself.

Please take some time and browse through the different areas of the site. You’ll find helpful hints, display ideas, resources, magazine articles on display, suggestions and other information that can help you be more successful. If you do not see the answer to your questions, send us a line and we’ll get the info for you.

If you are interested, you can reach us at 817-980-2135.

My email is Larry@LarryJohnsonConsulting.com. Please also send any emails to Lbjis@Msn.com to confirm that I receive it.

Visit us on Facebook at Larry Johnson Consulting.

What can we do for you? Let’s talk and find out.