IJO Conference Colorado Springs

It now seems like years ago now, but in February 2020, we attended the Boots and Bling formal dinner at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. It was a celebratory night as we signed up a large number of new consulting clients at the show. This photo of my wife Alison and I me was taken there. The photo caption, as reproduced in INSTORE magazine was ” All hat, no cattle, plenty of bull!”

INSTORE Seminar on “Top 10 Mistakes…”

On June 1, I conducted a seminar for INSTORE entitled, “The top 10 display mistakes jewelers make when reopening their store.” This 1 hour seminar contains many observations and suggestions as well as “How to fix this….” for each mistake. Download the seminar below.

Great idea for under $100!….It’s “What’s new?”

Jewelry stores are vibrant, organic places. There is new merchandise coming in and going out almost everyday. The kiss of death for a retailer occurs when a customer perceives a store as having “Nothing new.”

You can avoid that perception by putting a sign near your entrance listing the “new” items that have arrived in your store. For about $100 you can implement this idea. Get the parts at any Staples or Office Max-type retailer. You’ll need a white dry-erase board , a floor easel and some markers. Make a list of pieces you have recently received. See the attached image for an example.

Hiont: When you sell a piece on the board, DO NOT erase it! Draw a line through the items listing. That way your customer will see the items are popular and selling. M<aybe they will ask if you can order another of the Sapphire rings they missed out on.