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Larry JohnsonWho is Larry Johnson?

Since my introduction to the jewelry industry in 1987, I have been fascinated with the manner in which the display of jewelry influences the perceived value of the merchandise. I saw how beautiful jewelry pieces were being lost in the cases and not given the attention they deserved. I saw other industries leading the way in telling “stories” about their products, while jewelers were missing this trend. I studied what worked in other industries and the science of “visual merchandising” and began teaching jewelers how they could improve their sales and profits by implementing these proven principles. Writing my book gave me access to more people and ideas of what worked and what didn’t. All this research has been integral in helping me organize my thoughts into effective, affordable, practical, real-world solutions that I now offer my clients.

In my over 25 years + in the jewelry visual merchandising industry, I have been honored to work for the top firms in the business.  I served as CEO of Chippenhook, President of Coastal Display Group, Senior Vice President of Presentation Box and Display (A Division of International Packaging) and most recently as Senior Vice President of Business Development for Pacific Northern, a very creative firm with an incredible product line. I hold patents on several  jewelry display and jewelry packaging inventions.

As mentioned earlier, I am the author of “The complete guide to effective jewelry display”, the best-selling book in the industry on this subject. This book was used by GIA as a textbook for their Visual Merchandising Class. It is available through Amazon.com. or from me.

I am currently writing a complete 24 chapter on-line distance education course on Effective Jewelry Merchandising for the Diamond Council of America. This accredited course will be available in late 2014 through DCA.

I am honored to be  a long-time contributing writer to INSTORE magazine and author of many articles for that great publication. I write the popular “PropTalk” column which runs 7 times per year. (Old articles and Proptalk columns are reproduced here on this website under the  “Reference Library” tab.)

I am a contributing writer for Canadian Jeweler magazine with frequent articles and column that runs 8 times per year.

I have been a frequent speaker on jewelry merchandising at industry events across North America for many years. (Copies of my seminars are on this site under the “reference” tab.) I have presented seminars and workshops for JCK Las Vegas, SmartShows Chicago and Dallas, IJO, RJO, Leading Jewelers Guild, WJA, JCK- Toronto, GIA regionals, B-I-G Bootcamp, Texas Jewelers Assn and MIDAS.

I am a graduate of the University of Texas- Arlington with a BA degree in Economics. I did Graduate work at the University of Dallas toward my MBA.  I am a AGS Certified Sales Associate and graduate of several Diamond Council of America courses.

My wife Alison and I live in Colleyville, Texas (outside Dallas) where we are involved with Japanese gardening and showing and restoring both our 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible and 2001 Jaguar XK8 convertible autos. Together we have a blended family of  8 grown children and 12 grandchildren.