In recent years, many retail establishments have put up TV Monitors on the walls of their stores. These flat screen  monitors can be an effective selling tools IF the images being shown are interesting and produced to prompt action by the viewer. Unfortunately, many retail jewelers run a continous loop of a few tired images that no one watches.

Now for the low subscription rate of $99 per month, you can have a professionally produced slideshow of 50-75 slides that guide your customers to buy. About 1/3 of these slides are specific for your store with info on your store hours, website, custom capabilities, lines carried, affiliations and specific selling facts. The remaining 2/3 of the slides speak to more general jewelry facts such as the 4C’s, Birthstone of the Month,  images of celebrities wearing jewelry, historical facts, and other nteresting information.

Each month you get a new slideshow on a flashdrive. You simply plug the flashdrive into your monitor or computer and push play.

Check out for complete information and see how you can put this powerful tool to work for you.

Here are some typical slides


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MSM Slideshow- Tara and Co- Bronze frame design  click here –MSM- Tara