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 Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers , Washington D.C.

Larry Johnson provides the most creative design ideas in the jewelry display business.

With three stores in the Washington DC metro area, we decided recently on a complete makeover. Even with years of our own experience, we were at a loss on how to pull it all together.

Enter Larry Johnson. Without hesitation, he agreed on making personal site visits from Dallas to ensure he understood the project. Then, with complete professionalism, he created a plan incorporating style, color, fabric, forms by type , size and quantity.

We couldn’t be happier with the result. Everything flows together. The look is rich and invigorating.

Interesting, even the clients remark consistently on the difference.

And, our staff is thrilled. No longer do they have to struggle with different display in a myriad of clashing colors from different vendors, with no place for the tickets. Now everything us organized. It even helps with inventory control. One can see at a glance if anything is missing.

Larry’s follow-up on delivery from overseas, pricing etc. was impeccable. He took complete control.

Well done, Larry.


Van Simpson, Tara & Co Diamonds, Searcy, Arkansas…. Winner- 2nd Place– Small Cool  Store in US, Instore Magazine, 2013

Many jewelry stores I visit are “challenged” with their ability to merchandise product in a way that is attractive and easy for their clients to shop.  Our operation was no exception.  Larry has been an enormous help in teaching us the theory behind the proper way to display our showcases.   Understanding and focusing on what the customer sees when they browse your showcases is critical to your ability to sell merchandise.  Larry can teach you theories like the paradox of choice and how to highlight what you want to sell most in a case.  His teaching and guidance has been instrumental in transforming our store into a much more profesional looking operation and one that makes it easier to produce more sales.

I’d be happy to visit with anyone who might have questions about what his services can achieve for their store.



Lowell Kronowitz, Levy’s,  Savannah, Georgia 4th place Big Cool Store in US, Instore magazine 2013.




 Vicki Cunningham, Cunningham Jewelry & Appraisals Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have known Larry for many years and consider him an expert in store display and store elements. He guided me well through the 26 years I had my retail store.  It has been a pleasure to be associated with Larry


Debbie Fox, Fox Jewelers, Ventura, California

When I opened my new store, I contacted Larry for assistance. Larry was worth his weight in gold when I told him my fabric selection for my fixtures. He told me that the fabric dented and would mark up almost immediately. He is prompt and thorough, two qualities not often found in professionals now. I needed his assistance and he was more than willing to help in any way he could. I recommend his services!

 Tim Ell, Zorrells Jewelry, Bismarck, North Dakota 

We flew Larry in to view our store and use his years of expertise to help us properly set up our showcases and order the elements needed to make our product “pop”.  We are very pleased with the results.


Tom Ozment,Fincher & Ozment, Inc.,Tuscaloosa,Alabama

Larry’s book on visual merchandising contains many cues we apply to our showcases. Applying a pyramid scheme at the top of the bridal collections where we feature best sellers has given us a higher inventory turnover of key items, driving revenue and profits higher.

In the bridal arena, perceived value plays a big part in prompting customers to key in on certain pieces. Crowding a lot of rings together is not the proper way to merchandise. What works for bananas and grapes does not apply to fine jewelry. We have found visual pricing cues do let the customer know what he is looking at is not out of his price range. Grouping similar style and priced items together makes it easier for the customer and the staff to work together to select her perfect ring.

Larry gave us tips on how to better tell stories visually with our merchandising. Grouping colored gemstones together with some visible signage of pricing ranges goes a long way to increasing customers asking to see specific items.

We attempt to keep the number of items to 12 per linear foot. This allows better visual merchandising so the customer can better focus on the items in the case versus when we had 20 -30 pieces per linear foot. Better inventory management means lower inventory investment, higher turnover and better cash flow.



David Harris, Day’s jewelers, Waterville, ME

    I have worked with Larry for over 30 years from the major corporations, to independents to stores in the Caribbean. His work, ideas, innovations and understanding of his field cannot be matched anywhere. He is a first class person to work with and his integrity is beyond reproach. If you are in need of expertise in designing, displaying and décor for your new or remodeled store or stores, Larry Johnson is the top of the field in my book.




Mickey Minagorri, Artco, Miami, Florida

For the past ten years our company has been working very closely with Larry Johnson. Larry is a true Professional and someone that brings a momentum of great and innovative ideas when planning and designing new jewelry stores.

He is constantly thinking of new strategies and comes up with solutions that are cutting edge and work. I look forward to continue using his services in our future endeavors.




Nick Failla, Collected Concepts

Store and product presentation is so incredibly important to setting the stage for a sale. It is the first impression of your brand that the customer receives and it takes a true artist to create an atmosphere in which the consumer has the “wow” moment that makes them want to see more. Larry Johnson is the premier presentation artist for the jewelry industry.

David Squires, INSTORE/INDESIGN Magazine Group

Larry knows jewelry display inside and out. He combines exceptional business instincts by knowing what works and also a creative mind who always keeps things fresh.

Beth Schmitz, Beth Schmitz Jewelry Design, Austin, Texas

“I have had the pleasure of Mr. Johnson’s expertise on two occasions: the first time was at an Industry Show; the second was at a seminar I organized with Larry as our expert presenter.

The breadth and depth of his knowledge is phenomenal. Beyond this, Larry is able to communicate what he knows — a rare skill. Attendees at his seminar were delighted with his humor and warmth. More importantly, everyone went away knowing more about how to establish effective displays — and WHY — just in time for our Holiday rush.

Think you know it all? Spend some time with Larry and he will gently let you know you have a few more things to learn.”


Tommy Aucoin, Aucoin Hart, Metarie, Louisiana

Terry Chandler, Diamond Council of America, Nashville, Tennessee

Robert Flude, Martin Binder Fine Jewels, Valpariso, Indiana

Howard Gurock, EconoLite, New York, New York

Mickey Minagorri, Artco, Miami , Florida

Keely Grice, Grice Showcase, Charlotte, North Carolina

Jeff Roberts, President, IJO, Connecticut.

Scott Knorzer,North American jewelry, Chicago, Illinois

Brian Fleming, Carla Corporation, East Providence, Rhode Island

Rick Skeies, Skeies Fine Jewelry, Eugene, Oregon