Fee Structure

The fees for our services are based on the challenge or scope of the project.

It is always best to contact me for a quote on your individual circumstance.

Our goal has always been to serve our clients needs at a cost fair to everyone involved.

Having said that, I understand that some idea of the cost can be helpful to clients considering my services.

Accordingly, my current fees are as follows:


ONSITE in your store-First 2 full days (18 total  hours)- $3450.  No charge for travel days, just days on-site.

Each additional day onsite after 2 days onsite-$2500

Partial days are billed on a proportionate basis.

OFFSITE services are billed according to individual situational circumstances.

Fees are due and payable on date of service.

Note: Be aware that many display suppliers offer my clients a discount on items they purchase. Any discounts of this nature are passed through to you, the client allowing the possibility of offsetting a large portion of my fees. My compensation consists only of the client fee without any “commissions” on purchases allowing me to be independent, impartial and serve my clients better.

All services are fully guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the services rendered, your fee payment will not be accepted.



Due to the excellent air travel options available to me from my base in Dallas, there is no charge for the travel days to and from the store in most cases. Exceptions will be negotiated in advance.

Coach travel expenses, hotel and auto rental (if needed) are extra and billed at cost.

I frequently have multiple, non-competing clients in the same geographical region, share the travel expenses. I am happy to reduce costs in this manner.