Our Services

What services do I offer?

I have tailored my services to specifically fit the needs of my clients. My experience has shown me that clients prefer to be able to choose only the services they want and not be committed to those they do not.  I have therefore served my clients in arrangements ranging from a short telephone conversation to discuss store challenges up to a long term agreement to guide a store through a major renovation.

Here are brief overviews of several of my most commonly requested services. Although some of these services are outlined in “Packages” do not allow that to concern you if you do not see exactly what you want.  I frequently adjust the content to fit the needs of my clients.

Getting started

The best way to get started is a free 20-30 minute telephone conversation during which time we will discuss the challenges, issues , timeframe and budgets involved in the client’s needs.  In this candid exchange, we both get an opportunity to determine if the project and my services are a match. If so, then the “next step” is identified and scheduled. My fees and your expectations are agreed to and the work is begun.  Often these conversations are followed by the sending of store photos, sales information, questionnaire answers and