Case Studies


The following powerpoints show images of stores that have undergone display renovations.

I hope they provide ideas and food for thought on changes you might be wanting to make. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have on what you see here.

By including these images I am NOT suggesting the merchandising ideas shown here are necessarily good or bad.

Thanks to Pacific Northern for the use of these images. For what it’s worth, most of the displays shown here are from

†Case Study- Tenenbaums

Case Study- Wileys

Case Study Ultra BWI

Case Study- Tara Fine Jewelry

Case Study- Schwarzchild, Richmond, VA

Case Study- LV Gold and Silver Web

Case Study Laynes

Case Study Classique

†Case Study- DeBoulle

Case Study- First Cash

Case Study- Fullerís Fine Jewelry

Case Study- Jais Fine Jewelry

Case Study Jewelers Bench

Case Study- Jons

Case Study Alberts

Case study Pawnmart

Case Study- Arthurs –