Seminar Reviews

We often do not recieve feedback from seminar attendees concerning the value of the classes. I do , however, have written evaluations and comments from some of the classes I have conducted.

If you would like to contact individuals that have allowed me to speak at their functions, I am happy to provide the following contact info.

InStore SmartShows – Cindy Chandler- 615-480-7688

JCK- Allison Farina-     203-840-5567

JCK- Desiree Hanson  203-840-5651

IJO-Jennifer Herold    (203) 846-4215


Reviews- RJO- “5 Steps to more effective in case displays” 2012

56 Attendees- Overall rating 4.4 out of 5.0,  46 would attend another seminar by me, 1 would not, 9 did not answer. See comments from attendees below

Really informative!  I can’t wait to get back to our store   and put these changes into place.
More examples of display cases.
Not enough time to go into details.
Would like to hear how color might helps displays.
Show some displays that work!
Very helpful.  Room was very cold.
Very good.  Worth the time.
During question period, presenter should repeat question so   everyone knows what he’s talking about.
Amazing; very knowledgeable.  Would like to hear more on   displays.
More details re: display.
Good, but not enough time for questions.


JCK Las Vegas Seminar reviews 2012, 2013

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