Blue Nile creates actual live Bridal display in Nordstroms

Ever wonder how an innovative on-line jewelry company would choose to display it’s merchandise in a bricks and mortar location? This way!

Nothing too special in my opinion. Featured items (on individual ring fingers) are too close to the front of the case forcing customers to bend at the waist and look through the front of the case. Trays are of no special design. For a firm that loves words on its site, there is a noticeable absence of signage.

They are relying on in-store “navigators” to answer questions, show samples, discuss benefits and drive buyers on-line where the purchase occurs. Seems overcomplicated. Why not have a tablet right there to place your order?

Maybe some real world experience in  Nordstroms will fine-tune the concept before it rolls out nationwide.Blue Nile showcase

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