Too much clutter on top of cases?

I was recently asked how much “stuff” is too much on the tops of cases. The jeweler had 69 items. Here is my response.

You are right. 69 items is way overboard. Clutter costs you sales!

A perfect world is one with only a few necessary items that really help you sell. Like a diamond pyramid or counterpad.
Consider that anything on top of the counter distracts your customers from looking INSIDE the case where the good stuff you want to sell lives.
(If the on-counter items do not attract attention to themselves, then why are they there? It becomes yet another reason to get rid of them)
Items on the top of counters also cast shadows on anything below them, which is bad.
It always surprises me that some retailers put “top-of-counter” displays full of less expensive goods, that often are slow movers, over a case full of better goods, essentially turning the real estate into a dead zone.
It might help if you imagine the showcase as a “workbench for a salesperson.”
Would you stack 69 items on your shop bench (or desk) and then try to get your work done there?
Try this, take everything off the counter for a week and see which items of the clutter you miss. Replace the items you really need.
Remember, you want to sell the nicer pieces of your merchandise and by definition (and rules from our friends from Jewelers Mutual!) those items are INSIDE the case!

Let me know if we can help. I hope this helps you be more successful/

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