Sample Larry Johnson 2020 Seminar Offerings

How to adjust your store’s display presentation to match the public’s human decision-making tendencies.

Dr. Dan Ariely of Duke University has studied people’s behavioral habits for decades and determined that many of their decisions are “predictably irrational.”  His findings can be found in his best-selling books and in his popular “TED” talks. In this seminar, Larry Johnson will review the primary conclusions that Ariely has made and applied them to the display of jewelry.  What type of merchandise should go where? Why do most customers buy the “in-between” items in both price and size?  How much merchandise should your cases display to maximize sales? How big an assortment is needed to satisfy your customer? How does the presentation being made by your sales staff help or hurt this process?

These questions and others will be covered in this informative seminar, which is complete with both good and bad showcase images to illustrate the points and help you apply the findings to your store.

Time: 45 min + 10 min for questions. (This timeframe is changeable as needed.)